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June 19, 2019

Vaca Al Teulat por Eric Maddern Paul Hess

Titulo del libro: Vaca Al Teulat

Autor: Eric Maddern Paul Hess


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In Miquelet tot just began to ruminate if I was of lluny the prat, that those who were going to go to the teulada of the house. Però què hi creixia, there dalt? It was herba, a green herba, and d"allò més tendre, that ugly molt de goig. Ja ho tinc, will think. I"ll put the cow in the dump. Dit i fet. It goes dur the cow ends the pujolet that s"elevava rere the masia, is going to staple tauló and he goes to collect the teulada. Aleshores, enganyant l"animal amb a bon manat of that delicious herba, it will happen that pugés dalt de la teulada.