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October 19, 2019

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Fear marks a time when right-wing populisms are advancing, cases of depression increase, and capitalism is experienced as a critical juncture. Fear is a symptom of a social situation of uncertainty. The majority class is jeopardizing their future and the individual feels thrown into a world where they will no longer feel sheltered or represented. Heinz Bude echoes the concept of fear based on the common experience of each, the society marked by a disturbing uncertainty, the contained rage and the tacit bitterness, not only in intimate relationships and the working world, but also in the relationship with the political sphere And financial services. Faced with the distressing picture of the hegemony of autonomous technocratic systems that seemingly are managed without counting affected citizens, in many parts of the world a new type of politician arises who is presented the same to us and proclaims our identity and restorer Of longed for saved Orders However, however familiar it may seem to us, it arouses in us as much suspicion and distrust as those global orders in which we no longer recognize ourselves. But it is not just the fear of a society that - among other reasons for the unstoppable migratory flows - we are becoming strange and in which it is increasingly difficult to recognize us, but also the fear of the possibilities and risks of personal development, which Are virtually infinite. How can we cope with fear and with what rites and discourses can we understand each other and agree with others about common fears?