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July 18, 2019

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The essential keys to the movement of struggle for the emancipation of women: their roots, the strategies of struggle, their conflicts and contradictions, their heroines and thinkers, their allies and enemies, their topics and prejudices, their evolution and their future. Dare to know and feel that feminism is not a question of women, but of human rights; an active revolution that continues to change society. The feminist movement and its meaning ?? Key concepts to understand feminism ?? Birth and lives of feminism ?? The feminism of citizenship: the struggle for suffrage ?? Revolution and feminism, encounters and disagreements ?? The forgotten names of feminism. Tribute ?? The second wave of feminism: Beyond the vote ?? Violence against women? New challenges and new alliances for feminism ?? What does being male or female have to do with gender? Is misogyny the same as machismo? Why are there Western women who accept to "burka out of love"? Why did you get the vote first? Black women than white women? Was the right to vote the only vindication of enlightened feminism? What is the Manifesto of the 343 Salopes? What can I do against gender violence? What is the Queer theory? Rigor and amenity gathered in a collection ...