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April 24, 2019

Camino De Vuelta por Alfonso Lopez

Titulo del libro: Camino De Vuelta

Autor: Alfonso Lopez


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At thirty, the author of this book looks back and evokes, with irony and melancholy, the people, the things, the courses and the tumbles that have made him become what he is. Thirty years seems like a few years, but when it comes from the Asturian rural world they mark the border between two eras. The child of whom this book spoke witnessed ways of living that had remained almost intact for centuries and that suddenly, as in a dream, they vanished forever. Personal and family chronicle, gloss of old photographs on which the weather has turned yellow, Road back is a wise and exciting work that speaks only of a man and a village speaks of all of us, the spells and the Of time lost, Recovered in memory.